Investing in your memories

Proposals & Engagements

Capture the moments before, during and after the proposal. I'll be your wingwoman there with you the entire way.

Starting at $650

Adventure elopements

Want to elope on the top of a mountain, under a waterfall, on the edge of a cliff, in the heat of the desert, or on an island off the coast of Thailand? I'm your girl. Adventure is my middle name...well actually it's Marie but let's not talk about that.

Starting at $2499


Weddings are stressful enough as it is, one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is your Photographer. I will be here with you from beginning to end, capturing everything from the small details, first looks, first drinks and first kisses.

Full Days Starting at $5999


Is it your Anniversary? Are you visiting somewhere new? Did you just wake up and see you don't have any recent photos together and decide to fix that? You don't need a reason to make memories with your person. Im ready when you are.

Starting at $550

Maternity & Newborn

Bringing a life into this world is so magical. I am here to make you feel as beautiful as the world sees you and to show off that precious little one you brought into it.

Starting at $499


Family is everything. Whether it's the one you chose, the family that chose you or the family you made, I am here to showcase how beautiful it is.